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      hilarious lucid experience. trying to convince dream characters that i'm dreaming.

      this was years ago when i was sixteen or so but it's funny so here it is: so i'm dreaming i'm at work and i become lucid and start trying to... hook up with a female co-worker. she says "no" so i say "it's just a dream." (obviously losing lucidity) she laughs like it's the oldest trick in the book. i give her a piece of paper with the words "let's get together" on it and say "if this isn't a dream give this to me tomorrow at work." i wake up and write down the dream and forget about it, a couple days later i'm at work and i see her and get this wierd feeling along with the vague recollection of the dream and i ask "do you have something for me?" she said "no." i told her about it and we both laughed. then a month or so later i dreamed i was walking in a suburb and realized i was dreaming and so i walked into a random house because i had thought this would be interesting as this is not something you could do in waking life. i started exploring and then stopped and thought "oh sh*t this isn't a dream! i'm going to get arrested for being here!" i opened a door trying to find a way out and saw a guy sleeping, i tip toed down the stairs and then remembered to state test and tried to fly but just ended up hopping a bunch. i then got outside and spent the rest of the dream trying to convince a bunch of dream characters that i was dreaming! ha ha.
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