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      Don't expect exciting.

      I started lucid dreaming approximately a year ago and achieved a few. I then had some problems in my life and had to stop. I have decided to start again starting from last week posting my lucids.

      The 80's club

      I was in science class and we were on a field trip to club. I paired up with a girl and she did most of the work but we didn't do the second project and got a 50%

      Then I was south with my science teacher. She said for me to pilot a blimp full of children with a keypad to save them and I reluctantly said okay. Then she jumped on the blimp herself grinning at me and the blimp started to fly. I jumped for the controls but missed. I panicked and grabbed a flap of the blimp. Fear gripped me because I saw what was ahead. A gap. If I fell I would defiantly fall and die. I would not let go and gripped with my right arm. The blimp flung me upside down and nearly broke my arm. After 5 minutes of this awful experience, we were over a city. I jumped down and expected to see my science teacher happy that I survived. She wasn't, and I saw why, I looked up. The blimp full of kids was still going with no one piloting. She grabbed a bike and rode as fast as she could towards it. I ran behind her, and thought, "Lucky that was just a dream". I ran out of breath and said...

      Wait! This is a dream! I then stopped in a first story building and stabilized and the dream came back full force. I felt cold when I rubbed my hands together. Proving it was a dream. I stabilized often in the first building. I wanted to fly then. I jumped but only got 1/2 centimeter off the ground and gave up. I wanted to try spinning teleportation, but I didn't think of anywhere, so I ended up at the bottom of a flight of stairs in a 80's club with my friends. They were annoying and kept talking. I was going to try lucid sex, and saw a girl but didn't like her that much. I wanted to try to find someone better, so I spun. Nothing happened. I thought it was because my friends kept talking. So I ran up a flight of stairs only to see a wall, I was trapped. I was pissed and lost some lucidity.

      I had a FA and I wrote this dream down. It seemed SO real, because I was still in the dream. Then my alarm woke me up for WILDing.


      I was next to my dad and somehow became lucid. I wanted to try shouting lucidity and I did as loud as I could. My dad looked at me strange but I didn't care. The dream got more vivid, so it worked. The dream faded.

      The Cave

      This is not a lucid dream, but I decided to put it in because it is what started me on researching dreaming. It's a dream that I seem to pick up back on years after. It's a dream that is still filled with mystery that I do not yet understand.

      Part 1: I was exploring the basement with a friend. We then came upon a crack, a cave. We ventured in and I felt the pass change behind us, we weren't going back. I knew every step we took we could not take back. But I felt as if it was important to go in. I needed to find out what was inside. Eventually we came upon a landing and we knew people were in danger here. Then we came upon the room. The room had a never ending fall with black all around. Colors were everywhere, mostly dark purple and mystery colors. There were floating platforms with obstacles. I saw the top and needed to get to it. I took the right and my friend took the left. Nearly 3/4 way up I looked over and saw my friend fall, I was terrified at this point but kept going. I eventually fell and the dream faded...

      Part 2: 1-2 years later I was on a mountain and saw a kid older than me I knew. I also looked over and saw another entrance to the cave, I was shocked because I hadn't seen it in so long. I asked Dan about it and he said yeah, I've been in there, it's like a city. I was lucky to get out. So I called my friend from the original dream and went back in again. Here I realized it was a labyrinth. We crawled through and found dots of color. When we touched them we were transported to different sections of the cave. I wanted to look for the room again because I knew it was the center of the cave. After looking for awhile marveling at all the structures of ice crystals and such I never found it.

      I had a few other parts but they were short and small parts of different sections of the cave.

      I'm eager to find more about the cave I keep seeing from dream to dream. See what's at the top of those stairs...
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