Floating house,
I had this dream that I was in las Vegas at night in the desert by the cliff just watching this floating house that was rotating in the air, and Iím thinking to myself is that house really floating looking all around to see if it was just a light illusion but no illusions it was really floating. Then I was on a little white boat with 3 grandmas sitting to them selfís wile I was rowing down the Vegas desert stream just below the cliff were the house was floating, so we were rowing down this light brown stream of water talking about all theses wicked haunting in las Vegas so I started to tell them that I saw this floating house and they looked at me like I have spoken the forbidden word. Later on Iím back at this floating house spot again at night time and this time their was a man, big as the house, grey hair and was in his 50s a nice guy. He was laying over this house that was floating, talking to me telling me to come into this house and as soon as I took a step I started to have these crazy fast light images as visions in my eyes. Thatís when I woke up and felt very enlightened.