Threads within this forum are composites of bits and pieces of Dreamviews which, over time, have become site wide favorites.

1. Quality - Threads added here will be the cream of the crop on Dreamviews. Therefore the thread being considered should have substantial value. No spam or chain post threads will be allowed. Chain post threads are threads that amass views and replies off required posting from users above or below a post.

2. Quantity - Threads have to have at least 20,000 views and 800+ replies before they are deemed worthy enough to be indexed in the favorites forum.

3. Community Team Vote - If the prior two prerequisites have been met, then a poll regarding the thread up for consideration will be brought before the Community Team and the winning vote will decide the threads proposed destination.

How to Submit a Thread
- If you're aware of a thread that meets the first two prerequisites and you'd like to see it indexed in DV Fav's, please PM an Administrator so that they may commence step 3.