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      This entire dream was in black and white, so, yeah.

      I'm in a small two room building. I don't know where the building is, but it appears to be a street outside. In the first room ( the lobby), there are several chairs in a circular shape, and filing cabinets line the walls. At one end is the entrance, a glass door. At the other, the door to the second room. Three people go into the third room, one at a time.
      Inside, it is very dim. The only thing in the room is some sort of press (not printing). Two man and a women go in and use the press. The first man gets invincible teeth. the second is simply invincible. The third, the woman, is turned into some sort of zombie. ( She didn't appear to be decaying, like most zombies, so maybe she was just the sexiest cannibal I've ever seen) The dream ends as I'm talking to the woman.
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      Hrmm black and white dreams sound cool. I've never had one. Also your quote is amazing.

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