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      Welcome to the Dream Views Academy

      Welcome to the Dream Views Academy

      Due to the failing adoption program, the Dream Views Academy was created to educate our community about the subjects of lucid dreaming in an online-class like environment.

      Subjects include:
      • DILD (Dream Initiated Lucid Dream)
      • WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream)
      • Dream Control
      • Lucid Dream Meditation
      • Beyond Dreaming (shared dreaming, etc)

      If you need a time converter, please refer to the following link:
      GMT Time Converter

      Please click the spoiler tab to see info on how to get to a class or how it works.

      Spoiler for Course Info.:

      If you wish to sign-up, please sign in to your category on the Dream Views Academy (DVA) homepage. If you have any suggestions about classes, comments, concerns, please PM a DVA-staff member.

      List of staff members:

      If you wish to volunteer as a professor, please fill out an application here: http://dreamviews.com/community/showthread.php?t=95605

      Good luck
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