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I'm mostly a lurker on the forum and I think this may be important enough to crawl out of my hole for a bit. I appreciate that LDer's are deeper thinkers so I think this topic would be welcome here. (here's the Wikipedia article)

Missing 411 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An ex-police officer with a background in profiling started documenting cases on disappearances in wilderness areas that don't add up with conventional logic and are also unsolved cases. His name is David Paulides and the name of the project is Missing 411.

These cases fit the following profile: (taken from the Wikipedia article)

The missing people documented in these cases fit the following profile:[4][5]

Missing people are often found in areas previously searched. Not once, but many times.
Missing people are known to travel impossible, or highly improbable distances for their age and physical endurance level. Often, children under 4 years of age.
Missing are occasionally found with their dogs, or somehow disappear in the presence of them. Sometimes, searchers only find the dog.
Trained police bloodhounds, and K-9 units brought to the scene of the disappearance are either unable to pick up a scent, or refuse to do so, and lay down at the scene.
Inclement weather such as rainstorms and windstorms strike after a disappearance, impeding search efforts.
Missing people disappear in the late afternoon usually between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM
Missing people are found near the perimeter or in the middle of a swamp or briar patch.
Missing people are found in an unconscious, or semiconscious state. But, also dead.
Missing are found with one or more items of their clothing removed, without apparent reason to have done so. Missing shoes being a main factor at times.
Law enforcement and family members are often quoted stating that they believe kidnapping or foul play has occurred.
In my opinion this is one of the most uncanny mysteries of today and I think it's something LDer's could really appreciate, so I wanted to let you all know in case you can benefit from reading this

The wikipedia article has some credible sources for further research. Enjoy!