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      Heaven and the Spiritual Realm Is Very Real

      I'll only make one post about this cause I'm not usually on this website anymore.

      Heaven and spiritual realm is "very" real. We call is the duat/tuat. What religious people call God, we call Atum/Amun, or sometimes Khnum. Ancient Kemet is the system that we will use to astral project and explore the spiritual realm. It's serious and this is his will for me to deliver this message to you all.

      The 3 levels to our reality are the underworld, the earth, and the sky. We dwell in the Sky realm. Above the sky is our duat.

      I am a son of Ra. It only gets better from here.

      Hotep - Peace and contentment.
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      I can feel Amun in my chakras now. The possibilities are endless, you have freed me, oh son of Ra!

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