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      I have dreams and then they come through what does it mean

      Hi I have had a few dreams that have come out exactly in real life like in the a few that where just a little different

      When I was about 20 years old I had a dream I was sitting on my brothers couch in his house and my wife hands me a package I open it up and it's a very old 1950 bretling watch but in the dream I'm mad because it's so old I thot I was waiting for a new watch also in the dream I knows it my house not my brothers meaning in the dream I live there not him

      Ok flash forward 3 years I'm now 23 years old and my brother moves and asks me hey do you want to take my house move in ive been living there about 3 months I'm sitting on exactly the same brown couch and door bell rings it's the watch I bought off eBay vintage breitling I ask my wife hey do you remember me telling you about a dream I had and she freaks out omg I remember you told me years ago about livening here and you buying this watch

      Ok number 2 I was going through a very stressful time I had settled a lawsuit and some other problems in my life health problems I was sick weak tired. Not happy even tho I just came into a ton of money. Now I dream of my fathers cuzzin about a 45 year old man with a drug problem but he was heavily involved at one time in my fathers life and my older brothers life but he became the type of person that was a problem when ever he came around trouble fights wanted to hurt us

      Now here's the dream I'm fighting with this man my fathers cuzzin and a women is helping me fight him in the dream this woman is also my fathers cuzin and the man I'm fighting in real life she was a real deal bad ass tuff guy and a pretty women but I'd only seen her twice in my life but always herd of her any was she staves him in the back in the dream and kills him dead

      Later that day I go to visit my grandmother and get a phone call he asks me is dad by you cuzz he cousin died he overdosed

      Ok number 3 I keep have a dream about living in a house with a hard tile floor in the living room. Like would be in a bathroom or a hair cutter or a kitchen and tell my wife about these dreams how weird they are any way right now I'm in my house for the last 4 years with that exact floor it freaks my wife out because we talked about it so much and then it happened

      Ok these one is really crazy but I swear it's true
      Ok I'm a pool player when I start I play about 10hours a day every day any ways there's a young girl about 23 years old that works at the pool hall. I sometimes talk to her regularly say hi how are you nothing unusual not my girlfriend or really anything to do with my life just a girl I see at the pool hall

      Ok here's the dream I'm at her house like my spirt and it's a small guest house like really just a garage she's living in the bed takes up the whole room and she has 2 giant dogs one black one grey they look like wolfs she doesn't know I'm there in the dream she's scared someone broke in her house and she's hiding with the 2 dogs and she's scared any way
      I see her that day and I say hey I had a crazy dream about you when I tell her she gets freaked out
      She had a break in thet night while I was dreaming it and she has 2 giant wolf dogs 1 grey 1 black
      And the house was exactly how I described really a little garage and the same exact bad lighting like in the dream she showed me pics and the hair stood up on my kneck every thing was like in my dream. How is that possible I'd never herd her talk about her house or her dogs

      Last dream I was on trial for 1 of my law suits and a bird flew in my mouth and I couldn't speak at all
      Well in real life I'm on the bench in court and I freeze I just can't speak not a word this destroyd me in real life I lost my law suit after ten years cuz I just froze I couldn't speak

      I also suffer from really bad sleep paralysis Or old hag syndrome really vivid can't move a finger while something's on my back I saw it once the night before my trial and it was 3 shadows but one of them the leader had on a coat and hat

      Now I have dreams of sleep paralysis I dream that I'm sleeping and it's happening in the dream that I'm dreaming of lol wow I'm messed up
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