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      Getting Toned and Building Muscle Schedule?

      So, here's my basic idea...

      Mon.- I plan on working my Triceps and Chest. Run a mile.

      Tu. - Run 1-2 miles.

      Wed. - Was thinking arms and back. Run a mile.

      Th.- Run 1-2 miles.

      Fri.- Abs and legs/butt. Run a mile.

      Question is if I should rearrange, add, or change the combos, and what sort of workouts/exercises should I be doing for each on of those? I have access to a full gym here at the university, so equipment isn't much of a problem. Also, I was told that I should eat primarily meat and starch-heavy foods (like potatoes) to gain muscle.

      To be honest, I'm not looking to get ripped or anything. I just want to get toned and not have sticks for arms. I'm currently 5'11 and weigh 120-125lbs...so that gives you an idea of how small I am. I'm considering cutting out running Tuesday and thursday, as I think it might prevent me from gaining muscle-weight?

      But, yeah, Thanks a lot.

      (Also, concerning my diet..I'm pretty sure it's horrible. My breakfast (if I eat breakfast) is usually a blueberry muffin and coffee, lunch is a chicken sandwhich, but I make a point to eat something with meat and veggies for dinner, with as few carbs as possible...also, how bad is popcorn and pretzels? They're my favorite snacks ever, but I think I can manage to cut'em out if I need to. The popcorn is "Old Fashion" with practically no butter, at least.)
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      You don't want to get ripped? Ok, it's good you told us. Otherwise we may have accidently given you an efficient workout which would have made you look like Arnold!

      In short:

      There is no such thing as 'toning'
      Do a fully body split and drop everything you've written above.
      Eat 5-6 meals a day and three to four thousand calories.


      Do a split routine
      Get great noob gains
      Noob gains start to stop
      Give up
      Or take roids


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