Mistah Arcane Arena, he dead.

Mkay, children and gentlemen. I been assigned to make what formerly was Arcane Arena into a working, jerking, pretty-to-look-at new machine called Forum RP Games.

This is how I'd like to make it work.

The Sections

There are two segments to the multi-faceted beetle that is Forum RP Games. First off is this here section, wherein active game threads will be kept.
If you start a game thread in here for your brand new game (which I encourage with every piece of letter formatting I got in me) then you will doubtless be getting a fine PM from me not so long later. I intend to keep in semi-regular contact with anyone running a game thread in the active part of Forum RP Games in order to both make sure your game is active (and thus not cluttering up a now neat and tidy looking piece of forum) and to encourage or help out if you find running a game troublesome.

There is also the RP Games Archive. This is where game threads will go if they become inactive. If you find that your game thread is in said inactive, read-only section, and you want to get it active again, then PM me and we'll oveview your situation and hopefully get you back in the active section.

Starting Your Own Game Thread

So let's say you're new to this and want to start your own RP game. Here are a few pointers:

  • Create a thread in the Forum RP Games section, preferably with the title of your game clear and simple.
  • Spend the first post detailing any background story, the rules of your game (always important), and any other misc information.
  • If you NEED multiple threads for your game (see 'Types of Game' for examples as to why this might be the case) then always include the title of the game somewhere in each threads' title, to avoid confusion.
  • There is no set universe or creative boundaries. You can create a game in any setting, any genre, and any format (we have examples to help you, but if you have a new idea for a system go for it).
  • This is most about it.
  • Beaurocratic organisation gets me hard. Sometimes I overuse bullet points or formatting.
  • But not all that often (see section 3:12B).

Again, I'll probably be in touch to help out and make sure you remain active. Any problems, feel free to PM me.

Types of Game

Incase you need inspiration for the system your game works on, here are a couple of tried-and-tested examples:

    What will happen here is usually that the game thread creator will open with a setting, and then allow players to come in with their own characters. The game works with each player taking turns to write out what their player does in a narrative fashion. The game thread creator may establish a few preset rules or conditions (must stay within the original setting, must avoid god-modding - the practice of a player writing out another player character's actions within their own contributed narrative, etc).
    A nice, creative style that allows all the players to indulge in their creative sides, albeit with a reduced sense of 'gameplay', perhaps.
    What will happen here is usually that the players will create characters for a universe the game thread creator writes and sets out. The game thread creator then writes a 'chapter' of narrative, involving the player characters. The players then respond by PM with what they would like their characters to try and do. This will then be taken into account in the next 'chapter' written out by the game thread creator.
    Reduces creativity in writing for the players, but allows for a more challenging and realistic sense of gameplay, as players must think their way out of situations from their character's perspective.

Again, you needn't follow these if you have your own ideas, and there's plenty of room for variation in the system of rules of each. Just be sure to lay out your game's rules in the opening posts of your game thread.

That's It

That's all the sticky organisation I can offer for the time being. As usual, if problems arise, talk it out with me. We'll get through it together. Just believe in me, who believes in you.