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      Question Help interpreting my dream

      Hi, I had a pretty terrifying nightmare, and I am trying to make sense of it if you have any input I am more than willing to listen. So basically the dream: there is this girl that I am in love with, she game me a hug, then she straddled my hips. I thought that sex comes next, so I said no, I did not feel comfortable having sex with a dream entity, and I knew that this is a dream, I even felt from the first hug that this is not really the girl that I like. So after I said no and tried to push her off, I became paralyzed, and I could not move, not even say I sound. she plunged her fingers, now claws, in my ribs and I felt excruciating pain. never in my life, I felt so much pain. Then this entity tried to show her hand down my throat, but I closed my mouth and refused to open it. then she started choking me. I woke up shaking and even know I am a bit shaken by the whole experience.

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      This could be representing some sort of conflict within yourself.

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