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      I dreamed of marylin manson?!!!

      I dreamed of a musician (one I really care about as a person and artist) reveling his true identity as Marilyn Mason (he has nothing to do with that kind of music, he's a rapper), and immediately after, seeing the number 6 wrote in blood, as if it was a kind of vow.
      I'd like to clarify that on the same day I had this dream, I was reading "The Vampire Diaries" where three girls made a promise to each other by sharing their blood.
      So probably is because of that?

      Thank you for letting me know.

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      Manson represents the darker side revealed, that perhaps you have unconsciously made a vow to. Perhaps caring too much for that, rather than what you really like.
      6 is typically representative of evil. And blood of course is opposite, allowing you to live. Yet that can be drained, by vampire-like vows.

      While that is what I get, if correct at all the context is ever important. Or what it really relates to.
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      Could that vow be linked to the artist I originally dreamed about?
      Because he helped me a lot through my dark times... And I can confirm you that I've told to myself more than once that I'd never leave him despite everything, because he's the only one I have left, since all the world around me crashed down.
      But, even if it wasn't my intention, could this be misunderstood as a vow to the dark side?
      He might carry some negative energy inside of him, because of his loneliness, but even if his personal music tastes involve hard music as well, and his birth name is Dragon, he has a good heart, and in all these years I noticed that he's a really good person in and out.
      I hope his negativity isn't linked to me despite all.

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