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    Thread: Is she dead!?

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      Is she dead!?

      I dreamed that I was at my workplace and my mother came inside.
      We started talking about a Mass and I told her I did not mind going there.
      That Mass was related to the death of a relative of mine who jinxed me and my whole family in real life.
      While I was inside the office, I saw an abandoned church; I felt that this church was in the city where this person lives, and it was the place where the Mass would be celebrated.
      The place was surrounded by grass and uncultivated trees that were covering part of the building, and the sunset made its way; The light reflecting was of a warm yellow/orange color and it was illuminating the church's entrance and the empty central corridor.
      The church was very short, but at the same time it was pretty large and the it's roof had a tip.

      What do you think it means?
      Is this person finally dead?
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      What is the jinx? Have you tried to get help?
      Perhaps you feel like you have abandoned your beliefs and at the end of something... What do you think the dream is telling you? Sometimes dreams can be something that you need to learn or over come. But, hey! The best person that can interpret your dreams is Yourself.

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      Yes, at the end of your jinx, it looks like, and what's related to that, wanting that to die.
      So the warm union and celebration can start, and you can cultivate the good growth.
      As if you see the high point of that, in the work to be done in the process you are going through.

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