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      I hadn't been keeping my dream journal much around this time so my recall was sketchy and jagged. All i can really recall is the feeling. I can't be positive of any of my surroundings or words or visuals, just the feeling.
      I believe i was outside on my veranda. I was either thinking or saying something when out of the blue a realisation hit me. One of my words, or just what i was 'saying' in general triggered something. It's like i was rabbiting along and something i said caught on something inside of me and lifted it away. Immediately i felt something rise up inside of me and then this amazing realisation washed over me, as if some dam had been broken and i now had access to the core of my being. I have this image in my head of looking up at the night sky as this happened and seeing all the stars above. I get the impression of these stars either parting or lifting part of my into them or something. But that may just be a memory of me being out on my veranda from that night that my mind slid in there post-dream and warped a little.
      Naturally, i have no idea what knowledge i was now privy to, i just can't remember. It's possible that there really was no information and i just had the illusion of information within the dream. I don't actually remember pondering on any new knowledge. I do, however, remember saying "Wow! Of course, it's all so obvious now!" or something along those lines.
      At no point was i lucid, even mildly.

      I just thought this was a really cool dream that i want to share. I don't remember ever having a dream like this. Usually they are filled with other people and random/silly stuff. This time i don't remember any other people, and the nature of the dream was strongly spiritual.

      Anybody else had anything similar happen to them?

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      I always have "epiphany's" in my dreams but when I wake and thoroughly think through what I just "discovered", I realize that my dream-mind's logic isn't that clear.
      I was inspired to get two jobs and save up to buy my own place and just do that forever because it's a simple pleasure but when I thought it through, the idea wasn't that great.
      I have, however, been inspired to clean up my room, take the time to cook myself a really nice, big breakfast and other things.

      I don't think I've ever had an epiphany that stuck with me in a dream though.


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