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      Heres my problem. With me dreams seem to be like a seasonal thing. I dont know how or why but they are or so i think. Thing is like everyone says we dream right? Right. Well please some help. When Im dreaming how do I catch myself dreaming. So far I have an idea of how to LD and so on. But at times Im having a hard time how do I say this knowing that im dereaming.

      Help please.


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      Hi You usually remember your dreams when you go to sleep relaxed and wanting to remember your dreams. Also, you need to have an enough sleep each night so your mind has time to let you remember the dreams. After you have those two things, try setting your alarm clock to 3 hours after you fall asleep. You will wake up right after your REM period, recalling your dreams. Have a peice of paper next to yoru bed to wirte down the dream, and then go back to sleep. Evetually, you will recall yoru dreams every night.
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