had spicey chilli a around 8:00 and went to sleep at 9:30 and this is the result.

i was at my school and it was snowing, a bunch of people were and my brother was there and they were all in armor.
i was in armor aswell, we were fighting with this knight with a sword like a saw.
we decided to fight him with our men and he took a long time to die.
i stabbed him with my spear a few times, 1 to the eye, 2 to the stomache.
he took of his helmet and said he was done, it turned out to be geoff.
he started crawling over to me in a creepy way and grabbing at me.
i pinned down his arm witgh my knee and impaled him in the back with the spear.
my brother then turned on me and tried killing me, he stuck my face into the snow and told the men to fire there spears.
They fired, i could see a shadow come over me of spears, then i felt the impact of 20 spears.
I could see the shadow of the spears in my back, the snow was cold on my face.
I then notice my brother got a few spears to the back aswell.
I managed to lift myself up and stand, I looked back and heard they were going to fire round 2.
I started limping away and my brother was carching up to me.
I got over to a a sidwalk were a skateboarder almost ran me over.
I fell into the snow and lie there face down.

I get up and we don't have armor anymore, i run over to a creek with a bridge.
i run down to the water and fill a water balloon to full capacity.
i get up onto the bridge and i notice it was leaking.
I try pinching the mouth of the balloon closed but doesn't work to well.
the baloon soon turnes flat and looks like a scroll.
I walk down a path and proclaim somthing.
i hear somthing in the bushes, i wasn't sure what it was so i hid in a garden.
It then came walking by, it was bitey if brakenwood.
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he came walking over with a flashlight and started peering around me.
some reason i couldn't stay still, i kept spinning in a small circle.
he said "what the hell is that!?" and ran off.
he seemed just as afraid as i was.
i got up and walked down the path, i ran into a person and some spider webs.
I then looked up and seen these purlpe spiders in little containers with green balls.
they started to come down so i freaked out and ran to get away.
the person graps the spiders container and opens it.
the spider disassembles and dies.
when it fell out of the container it made a weird noise, kinda like a dog with somthing in his mouth growling at you.

I ran into a cabin which for some reason i turned into a worms arrmageddon worm.
I met up with other worm guys and tried convincing them that there going to die.
i end up going outside and playing with ducks, i keep pointing my finder at them and they bit me.
some bites hurt more then others, i went back inside and managed to convice the girl and a guy to leave.
we were about to leave then i noticed a straw, and some chocolate ball things from that comercial.
i grab a straw and open the bag and start suching all the chocolate through the straw.
i left a few in the bag, and the chocolaty straw on the stove.
it was quite tasty, me and the other guy started eating the owners food before we left.

some how i was a squirrel and someone was making us switch from domes to domes.
supposedly we have to build a home quickly so you can keep it.
but i wasn't quick enough and went to another dome were i was a mouse.
i ran quickly to a pile of dirt and dug really quicky with other mice.
we broke through into a basement were i see my dad lieing on a table.
he looks over to us and has this creepy smile on his face.
He gets up and walks towards us slowly, we run back up the tunnel.
the dome switches and only three of us got out of the tunnel.
it collapsed on one of then so we need to dig the mouse out.
then i wake up.