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      Being hit by lightning in a dream.

      Two nights ago my brain decided to give an experience of what it may be like to be struck by lightning.

      I was outside with my younger brother and a friend, and there was a storm approaching. There were a lot of lightning flashes, and the wind picked up. I was outside looking around thinking that I should get inside because of the dangerous lightning. So I start making my way back and my friend comments on how thick the lightning bolts. Then it struck...

      I didn't actually see the bolt, but I saw all around myself very, very bright flashes of light, and I just froze. I felt extremely hot, and extremely cold at the same time. Time felt as if it had literally froze. I was barely aware of what was going on in the dream around me. I couldn't move at all, and I couldn't breathe either. Everything around me was rapidly fading - and I was convinced that I was really struck by a lightning bolt and that I was going to die. Everything just sort of went dead after that, and I ended up resuming another non-lucid dream.

      It was an extremely intense feeling to be hit by lightning in my dream - I just hope I never, ever have a real life experience to compare it to.

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      That's quite interesting Blade, I don't think my brain has ever put me through something like that before. Now just thinking bout that has made me remember so many things i wanna do in my dreams, thanks for reminding me!
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      Interesting, sounds intense. Love those sort of dreams upon reflection.

      I once had a dream where lightning struck only my little toe (right foot)!

      Haha, what a weird feeling that was!
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