k, i'm new to the forum but i've been lucid dreaming since i was five, i'm 30. i always find new ways to communicate with different entities, but i've actually discovered a way to communicate with my unconscious mind. its a method similar to a ouija board, but since you can't read in your dreams that wouldn't work, but try this. find a table somewhere, any will do, and put your hands on it. then ask a question, and for the response tell it to knock once for no, 2 knocks for yes. i.e - i was having trouble moving in my dream, some invisible force was bogging me down. so i wanted to know what it was, so i found a table and asked it a question like, are you holding my feet with your hands, and told it to knock one time for no 2 times for yes. i was startled to hear it knock 3 times very hard. then i asked if it was angry with me, and knocked 2 times. i'm still curious to know what i'm doing to anger it, but try it out, you might learn something.