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    Thread: Becoming lucid then just completely loosing it...

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      Becoming lucid then just completely loosing it...

      Last night I tried to wild correctly but as i am i woke after 4 hours of sleep and just shrug it off going oft too tired (maybe theres something i can do about this if anyone can help) but then after falling asleep I had a DILD and released i was dreaming i then quickly grab my shirt and feel the texture and pull some grass from the ground and grasp it in my hand. after about idk a minute i was totally unaware of what potential i had and just watched the dream form. can anyone help me with staying focused or is this an issue i need to over come myself?

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      Ok, first of all, congratulations man, your first one is always special, and funnily enough, mine was extremly similar to yours! My first Lucid lasted about 10 seconds.

      So, to answer your first question ("maybe theres something i can do about this if anyone can help"); WILD'ing is something that takes commitment, but when you can't even get to the WILD Itself, you might want to consider getting up when you wake to WILD (at whatever time it is you choose to WILD) and walk around a bit, and take a drink of water. Then go ahead and start your WILD, I'd really suggest using mantra's just because of how useful and powerful they are. You might want to check out Sageous' thread on mantras. ( http://www.dreamviews.com/wild/13283...ey-matter.html )

      For your main question, you need to get grounded in your dream, keep reassuring yourself that you are infact Lucid, and that you are infact dreaming. There are a lot of ways of doing this, some of them are to just simply do a reality check (whatever RC you normally do in waking life works fine.) and make sure it is a dream. You can also just focus on something, like your hands, or your feet, really concentrate on them and look or feel them, know that they are there, or point out the weird parts of it. A really good resource would be this page; Staying Lucid it's basically a good set of ways to stay lucid.

      Hope I helped man, good luck in the future.
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      My first controlled lucid dream fizzled out fairly quickly. And I've noticed that if I'm not somehow engaging my conscious life with the topic of lucid dreaming, the spontaneous lucid dreams will be less frequent and, when I do realize I'm dreaming, I will soon forget.

      Doing a daily meditation is helpful, as it strengthens consciousness in general. In some forms of Buddhism there is a practice known as mindfulness where the meditator is supposed to note only physical and mental sensations as they arise, and not get carried away in thought. The idea is that when you walk, simply think "walking, walking", or whatever. This is beneficial when it comes to lucid dreaming as it trains you to remain in the present moment. In my experience, if I go lucid and then drop out of it, then catch myself later, I always can trace back the period where I quit being lucid to that moment where I was thinking too much about the contents of the dream. I think the lucid state tends toward a natural fuzziness or fogginess when it comes to reasoning capacity, so the way to reinforce one's sense of awareness -- in addition to some of the suggestions linked to earlier -- and a general grounding in mindfulness can help with this. Although, it is more a long term solution and won't help you too much in the short term if you're just starting out. Or maybe it will!?

      Another good thing to do is reality test even more. The dream self seems to follow the habits of the waking self very closely, and if the waking self is reality testing every hour, or whenever something "interesting" happens, the dream self will follow suit. Although I've had dreams where I reality tested and concluded it wasn't a dream, which is stupid but that's how it goes sometimes.

      But, anyway, its very common. Also, the time you had the DILD may have played a factor in you losing lucidity quickly. It's been my experience that lucid dreams are most sometime prior to waking up if I'm in following my normal sleep pattern and not trying for a lucid dream per se (although this might be because this time is more memorable) or during a nap.

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