This is ridiculous. I have spent over a month reading myself to sleep on the subject of LDs. I have never performed a reality check, except maybe when I was about 9. And what does my brain do? It makes me do an RC every time I dream and gives me constant, consistent lucidity! I just got back from a vacation. On the last day of it, I had a full night of LDs. Last night, I had another salvo of LDs. My dream control is also impeccable. I can summon anything but people and animals midway through the dream, as well as control entire environments. Unfortunately, this power dies out later in the dream, and I am forced to shouting "WAKE UP!" while thinking "False awakening, false awakening!". It normally works, I find myself in an FA, do an RC (always nose-plug, it's very reliable) and either wake up from the excitement of all or jump out the window into a busy street and a car runs into me, then gets flattened. Any ideas on improvements?