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    Thread: Woke myself up

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      Woke myself up

      I think I has a lucid dream last night for the first time. I remember not liking where I was in my dream and wanting to talk to my boyfriend and then he showed up. We talked about something that bothered me and I got frustrated and said I was going to leave. Then the weird part happened: I turned around and looked at myself. I was staring at myself. Then I screamed "wake up" and I instantly woke up.

      1) has anyone ever see themselves before?

      2) has anyone tried to wake themselves up like that?

      I didn't even try to lucid dream. I just went to bed like normal and this happened. Is this weird?

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      Firstly congratulations on your first very brief lucid experiecince at the end there!
      Its not weird to become lucid without trying, but its a good thing, shows that you were aware. Something scary happening in my dream is how i most often notice in dreaming to become lucid. Whereas before i would force myself awake, now i can take control of the nightmare and change it how i please.
      In terms of reflections in dreams you can get quiet a variety. From simple things like a different hair colour, to horrible disfiguirements. It really is about what youre expecting to happen, next time just remember youre in control of your dream and everything inside of it.
      Hopefully youre not so startled next time you realise you are dreaming and have a chance to try out your dream worlds properly. Good luck!

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      Verbal commands tend to work very effectively, next time try saying something else

      ..And Gratz on your first lucid!
      Remember; it's all in your head.

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