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    Thread: Lucid Dreaming and Epilepsy

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      Lucid Dreaming and Epilepsy

      When I was born, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. It caused a loss of oxygen to my brain. I had to spend my first two weeks in the hospital monitoring me to make sure I didn't die. I have no visible ailments remaining from that ordeal, however when I was a little younger, I had a form of epilepsy that would cause me to zone out, or simply fall asleep, being hard to wake up or falling asleep and waking up feeling drained, like I just wasted my energy in my sleep. I wouldn't have seizures, at least not when I was awake. I do not remember what the scientific term was for it, but i "grew out" of this disorder.
      Fast forward now, I have nightmares if i sleep with the lights off, and I believe that lucid dreaming could be a way to combat these nightmares. And lucid dreaming sounds pretty cool. But, I've heard of people who have had nocturnal epilepsy reporting lucid dreams as a side effect of their epilepsy. The only lucid dream I can remember (by definition, I believe it was a lucid dream), was a time when i became aware that i was dreaming, and then I instantly woke up. I'm worried that trying to lucid dream could retrigger my epilepsy. Is that possible?
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      This is just an opinion, but everyone dreams every night, including you. Lucid dreams are just dreams. What makes them incredible is that because you are aware, you experience them real time as real memories and as "real-life" experiences, not vague half-remembered after-the-fact memories. So it should affect you no different.
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      I'm not a scientist or a doctor but I honestly see no reason for lucid dreaming to give you epilepsy, unless maybe the fact that its a mental disorder that you could "Willingly" bring it back through a lucid dream.
      BUT looking at this another way, you could also heal that what is/was damaged through a lucid dream...some think doing stuff like this is impossible...In my opinion I think those people are wrong.
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