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    Thread: Scary dreams

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      Scary dreams

      Hello ive had two weird dreams lately.
      Yesterday I dreamt I was walking back to the house from outside and under the porch light I could see orange bubbles appearing on my skin which eventually sprouted out orange/white mushrooms. And spread.
      Today I dreamt that I looked in the mirror and my teeth were crumbling into peices, I had green vines with no flowers just the vines growing out of my mouth and skin of nose. I looked over to my sister frantically who is a licensed nurse and she told me my kidney was failling. Makes no sense.
      I've looked on the web for answers and couldn't find anything. Help

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      lol at your sister telling you it was kidney failure

      I've had dreams like that, once I had these weird tadpole like things underneath the skin of my hands It was quite gross and freaky in the dream. Another time I had skin peeling off my face, like I had gotten a bad sunburn. The vines growing out of you reminds me of something I've seen before.

      I've heard that teeth falling out can symbolize something but I don't remember what it was. It could just be a weird random dream, although you've had two similar ones on different nights. Have you watched or seen anything that could have inspired these dreams, maybe?

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