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    Thread: Sleeping in different areas increases Lucid Dreaming?

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      Sleeping in different areas increases Lucid Dreaming?

      I haven't had a Lucid in my own bed that hasn't been a WBTB in months... but i recently visited a friend in Portland and had 3 lucids on the second night I stayed there and a really vivid dream the night before (more vivid than normal)... and this weekend I slept in a hotel room because I was visiting family and had a Lucid as well. Does anyone else experience this? Maybe it's the new information from being in an unfamiliar place/increased awareness/increased sensory perception?
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      It's not a very studied aspect (but what is in lucid dreaming ?) but it's believed to be due the lower sleep quality: you're not used to the environment, and that reflects on your sleep session (remember, Lucid Dreaming lies between dreams and wakefulness!). It might be that can actually boost lucid dreaming chances, a sort of "not used to sleep in here, more alert". This also works in some other circumstances (like sleep position influencing WILD, I have a familiar who experiences nightmares/vivid dreams/several lucid dreams sleeping in a certain position), but it's probably not something you can use reliably to induce lucids
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      Yes. I had to sleep for the whole night in the spare bed/bedroom on Sat due to noisy neighbours. I took a short WBTB where I was in a light sleep where I had hypnagogia and a DILD. (I would even put my neck out to say - dare I say it, a near-WILD? ...I've said it! *cough*)

      I would certainly say that the environment/sleep quality is a factor. Maybe it could be used to break 'dry spells' maybe, but it does help providing it didn't become routine or habitual as your body would get used to your surroundings.

      BTW I took no supplements, plus I left the DJ pen and paper in the main room so I had to rely on post-waking memory; nor did I actually originally intend to have a lucid dream as the 'WBTB' was a quick toilet break early morning.
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      i have more interesting dreams in other peoples beds. if i were a rich playboy i would sleep with a different woman every night just explore the various interesting dreams I'd have. and also cause sex.

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