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    Thread: Why are some actions so hard to do and others are a snap?

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      Why are some actions so hard to do and others are a snap?

      Last night I had a nice, long lucid dream. It was great. Not so great was how difficult it was to perform what I thought should be simple tasks in a lucid dream.

      To get anywhere I either had to go through a ceiling or walls. In other people's accounts of LDs and OBEs, doing this is practically automatic. When I tried going through a ceiling, flying up to it was easy but I kept bumping my head. I couldn't get through. I was almost ready to give up but then a pair of hands came through the ceiling and when they spread apart they created a hole I was able to fly through.

      For the rest of the dream, I had to go through walls to change locations. Even though I knew I was in a dream and had control, going through a wall was difficult and remained difficult the entire dream. I must have gone through walls five or six times. While going through the wall didn't get any easier, the more I did it, the more I realized how difficult doing it was going to be so I was more easily able to summon the determination, intention and brute strength to go through it. So by the end of the dream I was able to go through the wall more quickly but not more easily.

      Another thing I thought would be easy to do was change my hair color. I have no idea why I wanted to do it but I saw myself in a mirror and decided I wanted to see how I would look as a blonde. When I set that intention, I saw somebody else in the mirror as a blonde. The image in the mirror didn't even move. It was just a picture of some guy. When I decided that I wanted to see myself again, it happened in an instant. Then I decided I wanted to see what I would look like with green eyes. Immediately my eyes were such a bright green they almost glowed.

      Why are some things so easy to do in a lucid dream while others are such a struggle? Should this happen again, does anybody have any suggestions on how make the difficult tasks easy.



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      Andrew holecek writes about our mental habits of solidifying beliefs (raefications)...we expect the wall to be solid and so it appears so...
      He (and others) give the task of going through walls to soften our tendency to project our beliefs about what is solid and real into the world...with such tasks, the only thing that changes is our mind, so we're learning to change our minds, which is great
      I like at times to cultivate the realization in the dream that the wall is made of the same substance as the air and as my dream body and so there is nothing solid to there at all.
      Another trick at times is to walk backwards through the wall ...

      good luck
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