I'm sure everyone has their own unique way of re-entering their lucid dreams after they wake up. I just wanted to share what happens with me and if anyone has ever done anything similar? I'm a casual lucid dreamer, I've been able to do it many years now but it's random and I haven't practiced. So I'm still a novice!

Okay so this only works after I've already been in a lucid dream. Usually I'll realize I'm dreaming, and not long after I'll wake up. Not fully, like I won't open my eyes and I'm in that half-asleep, but can sense the world around you feeling (also I usually can't move so I assume I'm in sleep paralysis). This doesn't always happen, but when I do it usually I can get back into my lucid dream. This is kind of hard to explain so I'll try my best. So like I said I'm in that half-asleep mode. Depending where I feel my body on a certain side I will try to roll off my bed (in my mind). It will feel super slow, like I'm trying to move through something thick and sluggish. I also get this buzzing white noise sensation. I have to focus and keep rolling myself. Once I roll off I imagine myself digging through my floor and I float down. Usually at this point I either will appear in my room in a new lucid dream, or sometime in a sky flying. There have been times when I've been in the middle place before the dream and I've heard scary laughs or voices but usually if I ignore them they go away. I don't know if there is a certain term for this technique or if it's just my own weird thing. Just thought I would share since it happened again this morning.