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      InstaDreamer - Can You Lucid Dream Instantly? (review live stream and Q&A today!)

      Join me (Daniel Love) this evening for a new YouTube live stream series I'm calling "Reality Check".

      Today I'll be reviewing the new Kickstarter campaign for the InstaDreamer lucid dreaming machine. You may have noticed the drama surrounding this over the past few days, so this stream is for those who want a clearer view of why I've felt it necessary to criticize this particular campaign. *

      7pm 19:00pm (BST) - 2pm 14:00 (EST)

      There will also be a Q&A for all your questions on lucid dreaming.

      Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv9GsPO9A2w

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      Quote Originally Posted by DanielLove View Post
      InstaDreamer - Can You Lucid Dream Instantly?
      The short answer is NO.
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