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    Thread: Strange experience when practising WILD

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      Strange experience when practising WILD

      When going to Sleep I lately try doing a WILD. I relax and meditate. After some while I drift of but catch myself and my heart makes a jump. This happens a few times. Then it happens again only now I am in a deeper meditative state. I observe what I see behind my eyelids. It`s only some faint patterns flying around. After some minutes I feel these vibrations starting. Like my Body is going to sleep. My heartrate goes upand breathing becomes somewhat difficult. It feels like something heavy is laying on my chest. I try staying calm and concentrate on what I see, but my eyes go like crazy and my eyelids tremble intensely. It`s even hard to leave them shut. What I experience is probably the start of sleep paralysis. Am I right?

      Do you guys have some advise? Is this normal? Am i on the right track?

      Thank you for your help.

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      Not necessarily sleep paralysis, but likely just a normal part of moving through non-dream sleep. Sensations of all sorts are possible during this state, but they don't mean much. It's best not to pay too much attention to them; just keep your mind focused on the dream you plan to enter. Eventually you should enter it.

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      Sleep paralysis is typically something you wake up in. There is nothing you can do other than wait for it to stop, and believe me when I say you'd know if you had experienced it at some point in your life. It can be quite scary because of the complete lack of control you have over your body and visual/auditory hallucinations that commonly occur.

      What most lucid dreamers experience is something called REM-atonia, which is similar but different. Try not to confuse the two experiences.
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