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    Thread: What teachings brought you your LD's about yourself?

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      Question What teachings brought you your LD's about yourself?

      Hey guys.

      I write this thread cause i'm really interested to know how many teachings brought you your dreams, or your dreams characters, when you were lucid and asking for answers, and also in witch way.

      For example, on my last LD, one of my goals was to ask to a dream character the question "how to live the relation with my girlfriend, in a more peaceful and happy way?"

      So i generated a dream character, a random usual girl, and asked her the question. After finish my sentences, i was propulsed to a zoom picture of a beak of a fountain, with clear and pure water falling down peacefully, slow motion.
      The message was sooo clear, the idea of "let it go, let it flow" was on my mind since month, about a lot of selfcentered things in our relations, but that teaching from the dream was defenetly a strong help to transform it from an idea to an action.
      That was not friend's or book's advice, that was the answer from the deep I, who was suffering a lot.

      That was a great teaching, and helped me until today to let it go much more naturally than never.

      Do you have, guys, any experiences like that, witch brought you realisations about yourself, or a way to feel better in any life situations by asking your subcounsciouss tools or answers?

      Thanks for all your answers
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      It is nice to read about your experience and how it impacted and helped you. I hope to introspect and gain some wisdom through lucid dreaming one day.
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