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    Thread: WTF just happened to me. Read this now

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      WTF just happened to me. Read this now

      This literally just happened the first thing I did was get on dream views to write this. I realized I was lucid through a dream sign. First thing I did was stabilize and do a reality check. I look down as i usually do for a count finger reality check. Both my hands are there. I count 10 fingers. And all 10 are there. I then try to change them to something else. Absolutely nothing changes. I try to push my finger through my hand as I usually do as a reality check. The finger dosent fucking go through. I feel it push against my hand. I try again. Still nothing, it dosent go through. At this point I freak the fuck out even though I know im lucid and force myself to wake up. Help?? Has this ever happened to anyone?? In a beginner but I didnt know reality checks fail like that. Do they? I cant be the first right?? Okay fuck that scared the shit out of me. Thanks for reading.

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      Hey succ, there is no reason to worry or have fear in the future over this. Reality checks do fail from time to time. It happens to some more than others. I have had a few LDs where most of my reality checks didn't work and waking life is imitated very convincingly.

      There's an RC where you pinch your nostrils together with your fingers so can't breathe through them. Then you attempt to breathe through your nostrils. If you can feel air passing through your nostrils pinched then you're dreaming. It's a very strange sensation when it works. It's also the most failproof RC for me personally. Good luck!
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      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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      Thank you so much!
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      Yeah, what zelcrow said. It happens to the best of us. Not all RCs will work for everyone. Even the ones that you have been doing for a while will fail at one point or another.
      For me, if something fails, I look for something else, like distorted perception and disorientation of objects, (The height of things) or my fingers. Or even clones of myself, in some cases.
      Just don't push yourself too hard because you will just end up discouraging yourself.
      How did you feel when you were performing those RC? Perhaps, you felt a little self-doubt? It's important when you are going into the lucid dream, or at least for me, you have to stay positive subconsciously, that something is going to work out.
      You could also, Make your own. You can make pretty much anything into an RC. Just make sure you proceed with an awareness question and you genuinely believe you are dreaming. For example, if you wear glasses, articles of clothing, how far can you throw something, try to summon something or make it walk through the door. If you have something that you only see in your dream, you can keep checking if you have that. The possibilities are endless.
      Or even be more aware of your surroundings in your waking life. Perhaps, the practice will help you while you are in a dream.

      Hope that helps?
      You got this!
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