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      Nit-picky brain donít want none of that

      Sometimes I do this on purpose, other times by accident. But whatever the case, I always seem to get ďstuckĒ somewhere.

      Iíve never experienced a full-blown WILD before. I always have problems at the hypnagogia part. I can kinda tell my body is dozing off, cause my limbs feel numb, but once the hypnagogia kicks in, my brain is like ďWtf no. I donít wanna.Ē I see dream scenes, sometimes even briefly step into them, but as soon as I get close enough, my brain retracts, and Iím back to watching limbo.

      Itís like putting your foot in water to check the temperature and pull it back out if itís too hot/cold. Thatís what my mind is doing. It wonít just pick a scene, it keeps jumping out. So I always give up and just go to sleep (if my mind allows it, cause sometimes hypnagogia is too distracting).

      Also, how long does this phase normally last for?

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      ^^ This phase will last for as long as you allow it to last, Fruityowl.

      If you keep up your WILD attempts, I think you will eventually get used to the HI, and you will learn to calmly wait for those dreamlets (those short dream scenes that your mind doesn't seem interested in) to run their course, with the full knowledge that you are getting close to the actual dream.

      In other words, eventually that water will be just right, especially after you've learned to leave your foot in it until it becomes so. How long this takes is entirely up to you.

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