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    Thread: Accidental Lucid Dreams

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      Accidental Lucid Dreams

      Hi, today i wanted to share a funny topic, which is accidental lucid dreams, this can be interpreted in various ways, but what i mean by this is when you perform a LD technique by accident or without knowing it was that way.

      I have had this experiencie yesterday. I woke up around 4.00, because there was a mosquito in my room. This little fucker was around my ear and didn't let me sleep.
      I was awake for around an hour, looking at my phone. When this annoying piece of crap decided to buzz around somewhere else, i had a LD. Turns out, i did a WBTB, i noticed after, what it had produced.
      This was my first LD in a long time, so thank you (kinda).

      I'm pretty sure you've had simmilar experiences, feel free to share!
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      I'm guessing it was a DILD? That's cool, if it's been a long time since you have had one and you're still interested in it record the time you went to sleep and compare it to the time you woke up (if you woke up at 4 and slept at 1 that would be 3 hours of sleep) so find out how long you were asleep, maybe you found an optimal time for WBTB!

      Also my most similar is waking up to a child crying, and checking up on her. I stayed up for a good 30 minutes or so and did SSILD, I wanted to heighten my awareness so I wasn't doing it for WILD and fell asleep. I got lucid after falling asleep so it was pretty nice.
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