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      Finally finding good info on lucid dreaming

      I remember an article from a magazine (mid '90s) explaining lucid dreaming, and it really got me excited. Back then I was not very old/mature, and didn't put any effort into the methods of attaining the ability. After that I've had at least two clear lucid dreams (one where i flew - it was awesome). After doing some quick research on sleep paralysis (my left arm is often paralysed when i wake up), I stumbled into the term "lucid dreams" yesterday (I'm Norwegian, thus unaware of the correct term).
      Now I've read through www.lucidity.com and dreamviews and I'm ready to start recalling my dreams. I believe I'm able to do this, since - after visiting these sites - I've verified my dream signs. The most frequent ones I get are:

      - Reading a book, and becoming aware that it is I who is writing the book on the fly. After a sentence or two, I have difficulties coming up with more words, and I always wake up.

      - Not being able to run. Somehow I thought this was for real, possibly remembering trying to run underwater (which is how it feels). But since I've never tried running under water, and seeing that it is a common dream-sign, I am now convinced that it was a dream.

      Thanks for a great website!


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      your welcome. its a great place isnt it? I suggest you read Stephen LaBurge's book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. It will have even more information. If you ever need any help along the way feel free to post on the forums or send me a PM
      Need Help? Have Questions? PM me so I can help you out

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      second the bok recommendation. and it sounds like you are well on your way. the on the fly book authorship should be a valuable dreamsign.

      one of my clearest, strangest lucids was one where i realized i was dreaming while reading a book at the kitchen table. everything was stable, except the words were repelled by my focused vision, and always darting about so that the most i could catch were "the's" and "ands"

      good luck and happy dreaming..

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      Re: Finally finding good info on lucid dreaming

      Originally posted by Gorgon
      After doing some quick research on sleep paralysis (my left arm is often paralysed when i wake up), I stumbled into the term "lucid
      are you sure you didnt sleep on your arm somehow? coz I get that and my arm is completely dead when I wake up
      I can't say I really know anything about what you're talkinga bout , but I said plausible because of that incredibly cool blind spot trick .
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