I did some searches, didn't find anything of this nature, but it still could exist.

I read an online source which stated, in a different context, that the more emotional an experience is, the easier it is to remember.

Well, I applied that assertion to dreaming, telling my dream mind to make my dreams more intense, emotionally. After two nights, I have had three dreams that really conveyed strong emotions, and it made the dreams quite vivid. Do the following before bed.

1. Think to yourself how you really do experience overwhelming sensations during your dreams. Feel them. This message is directed for your dream mind, consider it dream incubation. (Optional) Give your dream mind a subject for the experience, perhaps ask it "What are my good strengths"?
2. Fall asleep and dream.

Here's some examples of what has happened in the last two nights worth of dreams:[list]Someone takes a terrible bike to the farthest repair shop, kids are criticizing him, he was frustrated and ready to explode[*]Girl of my dreams comes rushing at me in bra and panties, the ensuing intimacy[*]Dealing with my brother getting ran over at a social gathering of friends[*]Jumping into a river to save a child that couldn't swim or fight the currents[*]Telling a not so funny story, but having DCs really interested and laughing[*]Dressing up as college mascot, running through campus feeling the love[*]Stereotypical Asian wiseman reinforcing how spiritually advanced I am