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      Some nights when im lying there trying to go to sleep i get a wierd feeling. I dont know if it is exactly falling or not. It feels like someone or something is "stepping" through me. This is kinda far out there but like my soul is leaving my body. I used to think it was a ghost walking through my body because when ever you see a movie where a ghost walks through or into a person that the feeling i get. I really dont think it has anything to do with ghosts or maybe not even my soul but does anyone know what im talking about?
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      Hey dropout,

      Well we all experience weird feelings as we fall asleep. The body (and mind) goes through some changes as it prepares to enter dreamland (such as sleep paralysis, vertigo, etc). It is possible that some of these changes are giving you sensations which your mind is trying to "reason" with and in doing so, comming up with "excuses" such as the one you're thinking:
      like my soul is leaving my body.[/b]
      What his sensation is really depends on your beliefs. I can't say for sure because I'm not you and wasn't there to experience the same sensation. However, I will paste below something I found when doing a search on "spinning room sensation" - this might give you a more scientific explanation.

      What can cause vertigo?article
      Vertigo tends to have a specific cause. The cochlea is the organ in the inner ear that senses changes in the position of the head. Disorders of the cochlea, of the nerve supply of the cochlea, or of the areas of the brain that interpret this information result in the sensation of spinning. Headaches, specifically types of migraines, are another common cause of vertigo

      Spinning Room When Drunk
      It seems that when you drink a little too much, the alcohol (which is a terrific solvent) gets into your blood stream, and then into the cupola, where it change its density. This distorts the shape of the cupola, and makes it bend those little hairs. These hairs then send an electrical signal to your brain that you are undergoing some kind of rotary acceleration - or in plain English, that the room around you is spinning. This effect is stronger when you are on your bed in a darkened room, and there are no other signals (such as from your eyes) to tell you that the room is, in fact, perfectly still.

      Now of course, you're not talking about spinning exactly - but you can see how our minds can be tricked into feeling something physical.


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