I have a question i really would like some help with. I had a gf that i really liked and we went out for bout 7 months. She was my first love being that im still only 18. We broke up about a yr ago now but shes still on my mind all the time. There are no hopes of us ever getting back together by the way the relationship ended. I dream of her somewhat often. Its wierd, i will say before i go to bed some nights "man its been awhile since i had a dream about her." I do not say this in the hope of dreaming of her but everytime i say that i have a dream about her.

The dreams feel so real and right....I have told myself that if i see her in a dream i will use her as a dream sign but when im actually dreaming about her the thought of it being a dream is so far off just because of how good it feels to be with her, not sexually, just with her.

My question is how do i stop these dreams? It always makes me upset when i wake up realizing shes not there...and wont ever be. Would it help to actually become lucid in one of these dreams and ask her not to come around anymore? i would really like some input on this from anyone who has any suggestions.