I can still recall my first lucid dream from when i was a child quite well.

i was standing outside. At night under an awning. It was beside a parking lot. It was raining quite intensely. I was kind of peering out over the edge into the rain. I then realized that i was dreaming. I don't know why. maybe it had something to do with the rain. But i think i started to dance in the rain. The whole time gleefully sayin "im dreaming, im dreaming". I think i might have also sung "i am singing in the rain". I told some person that i was in a dream. Then i either lost lucidity or woke up. I distinctly knew it was weird when i woke up. because i told lots of people about it.

Was this a high level lucid dream? because i can still see parts of it in my mind even though its been a long time (im 17 now...so probably 8 years or so?). That and it was raining and i think i went into the rain not caring about being wet because i knew i was dreaming, so i had quite a bit of control. And i think i could feel the rain. I remember it being a really crisp vivid dream.