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      Explaining LD Pills & More. Plz Read.

      Hey everyone,

      Well I've been looking through some of the threads here lately and some stuff has come up about Lucid Pills.. I have found some websites about Lucid Pills and what not.. 2 to be exact.. Today i found someone who posted a totally different one about Lucid Pills. Now we all know what they are *supposibly* suppose to do..Help us get Lucid Dreams..

      But here is the catch....

      I dont know how much the site that was posted recently (pills) cost, but the ones I went to cost about 30 dollars a bottle... The thing is, its all just a mental thing... They make some pill up, slap a label on it that says it will help you LD better.. and BOOM they got you.. Here is the reason why....

      Our minds work in funny ways..We see something that we are into, and trying to do and we would like any help we can get to achieve our goal. We see a LD pill, and we get all exciting because it says it can help us.. So hypathedically we go buy a bottle and the first night we are sooooo excited because we finally got the LD pill bottle.. We open it and take (1 or 2) and are like "YES! now i'am going to have an LD". You keep telling yourself your going to have an LD because of those Pills. You basically burn the inside your mind, a few hrs before you go to bed that you will have an LD...You lay down that night, and have an LD.. You wake up and tell yourself.. "These Pills Rule!"....WRONG!!!!!

      IF you really think about it.. Do you really think it was those pills that gave you the LD? No it wasn't.. It was your mind pretty much hypnotizing yourself to believe, "Oh since i've taken these pills I'm going to have an LD"..You basically Hypnotized your brain by telling yourself over and over that you are going to have an LD..

      Just recently, ive taken some Vitamin B6--it helps the vividness in your dreams--Now before I went to bed im like "Ok i've bettered my chances of having an LD because I've taken some B6" Well i kept telling myself That over and over until I layed down and went to sleep..Both the nights I took the B6--which were like 5 days seperated from eachother- I had an LD...Why? Was it because of the pills? Could have helped, but mainly it was my mind burning itself to believe "I will have a better chance to LD because of the B6"

      Now with both B6 and all these LD Pill's...They both could help a little bit in inducing you to have an LD..But the thing is.. Is your mind is the main factor.. You believeing your going to have an LD cause you have taken either B6/LD Pill is just hypnotizing your brain and believeing in something that we Both really dont need..

      What I'am trying to say is.. B6 is cool for dream vividness, and the LD pills are just a bunch of BS...The bottom line is..The way we hypnotize our minds to believe we will LD when we take either such pill, can been done without taking any pill at all.. And you will most likely see the same results...It takes the same ammount of effort to make yourself believe your will LD, then it does when you have those pills in your body.. It's that simple and easy..The only reason why one is easier then the other..Is because you have a pill in your body..and your mind makes you believe you'll LD easier because of that fact...

      That is my article, plz respond and tell me what you think.

      thank you for your time

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      I totally agree with you. That does make a lot of sense. I would have never thought of that, great job! .
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      I think you explained what is commenly known as the placebo effect pretty well.

      I say, if it works for you, more power to you, placebo or not

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      I agree that those LD pills are probably nothing more than placebos. Do you know what the ingredients are? I suspect that it is just an assortment of vitamins and minerals, but I would like to find out for sure. As for the B6, I'm still not sure about it. I know alot of people swear by it, but I've been taking it at various times for almost a year, and have never noticed any differences in my dreams. My friend and I developed a suspicion that B6 does help you to get more out of you sleeping time and focus better the next day. For this reason I have been taking it the night before things like the SAT and AP tests, and it does seem to help. The only time I forgot to take it before a major test I did much worse. I know that all that could be placebo effect, but for whatever reason B6 does seem to help with the ability to focus.


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