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      Name of dreamworld

      A few nights ago, I was in a dream. But it was more like me watching a dream, and in the dream, Donald Duck was on some kind of cruiseship on the pacific. The subject of the story was that he didn't have to pay for anything on the cruise, only the ticket. When he came home, he told Uncle Scrooge, and of course he was euphoric (because he could have free food ). He said "I'm going on a cruise aswell, along the coast of Niacalla"

      That is what this is about. Because about then, I woke up. And somehow I was absolutely convinced that it was a real place. I looked it up on google, but it came up with nothing.

      However, I think, that it is the name of my dreamworld. Because I'm convinced I have heard it before. It must have been in a dream, so maybe that is what it is!

      Has anybody found the name of their dreamworld in a dream? I find the name Niacalla very creative of my subconscious [/b]
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      It's cool you found the name of your dreamworld, a lot of the time I find it hard to coax the name of anything out of a dream.
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