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      What does this mean? Is it a past life?

      Have you ever felt like you had sombody watching over you? Sort of like, a sentimental feeling? I have. I bet you have too. That's your guardian angel, and believe it or not everyone has one. But to the point.

      This was my dream.(I wasnt even in it!)
      There was a family, they were on a vacation, or maybe moving.
      But they went to a place in the winter (At the time), and liked where they were, so they stayed.
      In the family there was a little boy, who is the only one I can distinctly remember. He had brown hair, and seemed about 7 years of age (again, at the time.)
      Then winter turned to summer, and people started arriving at this location, no big deal, right? Wrong. There was a little girl among the people. The boy and the girl disliked eachother at first, but as time went on they became good friends. Then the boy discovered that if you knew a sacred chant, you could grow wings on your back for a short period of time (I know, wtf.) But seeing as the other people where he was had been doing it, he gave it a shot, and lo' and behold, wings. It took him a while to get used to them, and he had to chant them back several times until he got them. But soon he got the hang of it.
      Then he could fly! He flew past where he and his family were and he flew across the river. The little girl and the little boy were no longer children now. They were roughly my age, 13. The girl couldn't grow wings, as she was a different race than the boy. (again WTF.) So the boy chanted his wings back and took her across the river to the caves. They soon fell in love and were very close to each other. Then, somthing happened with the boy's family. They had to leave, and the boy had to go with them. They were driving away and the boy was crying, and then just as they left (I HATE THIS FACT) He yelled the girls name, who yelled his back. I didnt hear the names. I woke up immediately after she cried his name.

      Now I read up on guardian angels at this link -->


      And I tried to contact my guardian angel (page 2)
      immediately after I tried it, I started crying. No idea why.
      NOW, all I can think of is the girl from my dream, I don't know who she is, I cant remember what she looks like, but I can't think of anything else but her. What do you think about this?

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      Curious, can you indentify the clothes they wore. Like what styles. If you're around 15-17 I figure the clothes would be like all 80s styled or 70s. If the clothes are older, that can certainly increase the chances of it being a past life.


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