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      My dreaming progress

      Ok well my dreams are becoming much more clear... I can actually remember words, sentences, and it feels a lot more like im in the world than before but still no control of an ything.... my dreams will just play out.. does anyone have any tips for me furthermore??.. i want to really get this down.. i want to get good at it.. i carry a notepad with me but it doesn't do any good because i wont wake up in the middle of the night, instead i'll just wake up the next morning
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      clear dreams

      it is suggested that you set your alarm to ring every 90 minutes and as you awake try to remember little details to quickly write down . also try doing reality checks as describe in this site trough out the day so it will become habbit and you will start to do them in your dreams to help you realize if you are dreaming or not . let me know how it goes
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