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      This was my first time actually controlling my dreams since joining this forum, though not my first time having a moment of lucidity within a dream. In both cases, I also had a period of sleep paralysis prior to the lucidity. Have you had this? it has happened to me from time to time inthe past, but these dream experiments have coincided with 2 times very close together. If you've never had SP, it can be truly devastating. The only thing that saved me from terror the second time is that I recongized that I was in a state of SP and I think this is what caused the subsequent LD. Here's the weird thing: I had ten (Yes, TEN&#33 false awakenings in this dream. Here's what happened.

      Had a mild instance of sleep paralysis first. Kept hearing explosions outside and voices outside my door. Couldn't move, maybe only from fear, but the sounds were not there even though I was partly conscious (not really LD, it is different)

      I got out of bed and opened my bedroom door. all of a sudden I was in total pitch black. I thought I was awake and there had been a power outage, though it seemed strange that there was light shining under the door before I opened it. At the time, this did not seem as strange as it should have. Some things that I don't remember happened and then I was a room with people I did not recognize (where the living room should have been) a lot of meaningless things happened and then all of a sudden I started floating. (this is a common thing in my dreams and was a tip off that I was dreaming. people were laughing at me and I said, "You can't laugh at me...I'm in control here. They stopped laughin at me but kept staring. I think someone said something like, "Prove it!" I tried to show by flying away, but my head kept hitting the ceiling. Then I tried to fly right through a closed window. I hit it and it hurt.

      Then I woke up thinking "I'm glad that's over. Got out of bed and Boom, pitch black again. I had another string of things I don't remember, then back in bed again. I got an earache and could hear my tinnitus, which made me think I really was awake since I have a problem in my ear right now, but I couldn't move. This is when I knew I was in sleep paralysys, which helped, but it was still really really painful experience, partly because of the physical pain of the earache being exagerated as well as a general sense of torment.

      Finally, got out of bed and thought "So glad that really is over this time. Boom pitch black again. I turned on the light switch. It didn't work. I noticed that there was an L:ED shining on my computer and the clock was on, so it wasn't a power outage. I check a diferent light. Didn't work. Knew I was LD and thought "Maybe I will finally have a chance to really control my dreams." i closed my eyes and tried to make the l;ights come on. Nope. Then i tried to make beautiful women appear. Nope. Thehn I tried to make myself appear in a sunny valley. I saw a light at the end of the hallway and tried to walk toward it. It felt like I was partially paralysed and took a lot of energy out of me.

      When I made it to the light, I suddenly woke up--except it was really just the same thing happenning again. I went through this many more times until I finally was floating in mid air in utter darkness saying (Come on, I am in charge here. I can control my dream.) I felt as if there was a force in the darkness that was playing games with me and not letting me have control. I went though another false awake and finally started having some power. I was showing off at a party and making things float around Jedi Style. I started giving people orders and saying, "You are my dream so you have to obey me." Some of them obeyed, but others just watched as though they were oblivious.

      Then I woke up and was pretty sure it was for real, but I wasn't making that mistake again. I checked the clock, then rechecked it again three times...same number all times. Suddenly the heat came on in the house. This seemed a good sign. I was still scared to get up. I waited for the heat to go off. It did but came back on again within a minute. This is not normal and so I thought I might still be dreaming, even though I felt so normally conscious. I let myself fall asleep again because I felt so tired from this terrible nightmare. I will probably never know if I had really been awake the last time, but when i finally did get in a room with the lights working, I was so relieved.

      I am now afraid to go to sleep. Can someone heklp me. I wasn't even trying to go lucid when this happened. I stopped experiments because of my first negative experience and I am starting to feel like I've opned Pandora's box or I'm in a bad Kevin Bacon movie (LOL but ***tting myself in fear). Please give advice

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      Hey CrazyOX,

      First of all, dont be afraid. These things just happen, even sometimes to more experienced lucid dreamers. Second, once you get the hang of lucid dreaming more, you will probably gain more control and more awareness. Maybe some useful advice, if you wake up, do a RC, so you can be sure that it's not a FA. If it is a FA, use this to become lucid and explore around. The more you do this the more confident you will be and the less fear you will feel. I hope this was of some use, and good luck .
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      First you must teach yourself to not be afraid, because nothing that happens in your dreams can harm you. If you are experiencing SP, then the best way to get out of it is to just try moving one finger or your toe or something simple. The sounds that you are hearing is only in your head, and it is just your brain shutting down some of its senses. Its always best to have a watch/clock right next to your bed so you can check yourself for false awakenings. If DCs tell you that they are in control, just relax, look at them and say 'No, I am in control" and just don't be afraid and you should be able to make them go away.


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      Did you take any B6? High amounts of it are known to cause FA.

      But anyways, do what the others say. Nothing can hurt you, if you can become lucid assert your power and kick some arse.


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