I went to bed last night unable to finish a paper. I was extremely tired (falling asleep in my chair tired) and had the intention of finishing the paper in the morning before my class. During my dream, I was in a room (a hybrid between my current dorm room and future apartment). I was at my computer writing my paper (What a dull dream&#33, and again was too exhausted to finish it. I decided I was going to take a nap and finish the paper later. When I laid down and closed my eyes, I instantly got the strange vibrating feeling along with the weird eye feeling (like my eyes are moving closer to something important its an odd sensation to explain) that I get when practicing sleep paralysis and begin seeing the colors. I was then standing up in the same room, and I thought to myself I had just completed a WILD. Reality checks confirmed that I was dreaming, but this is where it gets weird.

Throughout my lucid dream, I became worried that my roommates would come in a wake me up from the imaginary bed in the imaginary room (probably imaginary roommates too). The lucid dream was really clear, and I did not want it to end prematurely. The lucid dream went well spent most of the time flying.

When I woke up (not false awakening), I looked around my room completely confused. I did not know where I was because it was nothing like the room I expected to wake up from (the imaginary one in my dream). I did reality checks for about a minute before I came to the realization that I was really dreaming in the imaginary room and that I am not dreaming right now.

Bottom line: I had a lucid dream inside of a non lucid dream?