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      Simple question about memory in lucid dreams.

      I haven't had a lucid yet, but people talk about the things you can do in them and how your brain can construct almost anything in this mode.

      I have a question though: Does creation require a better than average memory? I'm talking about when you get into the dream. For example: If you want to create a person you know right in front of you (or however it's done), must maintenance of that creation rely on your brain power or do they go on auto-pilot after a while?

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      I have only been lucid twice, and both times I had very slippery control, but I do know that a large portion of dreaming relies on the power of the subconscious mind in concurrance with memory. I actually often wondered this myself.

      If you try to create a person you know, you may create them and it will appear that they are exactly the same as in the waking world, or they may appear completely different, but you still recognize them as who you meant them to be. This is because in the dreamstate, your logic is altered. You could see the strangest thing, and think of it as perfectly logical in a dream, when in the waking world it would drive you nuts.

      So to answer your question, no. I don't think that a better than average memory is important, but I do think it is very important to be aware of every feeling you have. When you're driving to work, (or whatever) pay attention to every feeling, emmotion, taste smell, sight, sound whatever crosses your mind. Get in that practice, and things may appear more vivid to you (once you start lucid dreaming).

      I hope this answered your question!


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      Creation and someones level of memory, I don't believe are directly related.

      Rainmans post hit the nail directly on the head on a few points, soak it in.

      However, be forewarned; Summoning a person into a dream can prove difficult for many people without some solid practice.

      Usually you need to use some technique to get the person summoned, most people can't just create people out of thin air (Especially people you know in the waking life)

      People have alot of depth. Looks...and mainly, personalities for your subconscious to construct and maintain can be tough.

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