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      Coming back to LD'ing

      Been so long away from this forum that I forgot my login and had to register a new one lol. Just wanted to share a quick story. I was really into the concept of LD'ing a while back, bought books, kept a DJ, took B6 every other night and in the end had great dream recall and vividness but only two super low level LDs which lasted about 3 seconds each. Fast forward about a year to now, I sleep without remembering dreams since I gave up on DJ a long time ago. For the first time in months I talked to a friend about lucid dreaming. That night I had a decent length lucid but since my dream recall was pretty bad I cant remember that much. Just remembered to keep plugging my nose to see if I could breathe and then when I could, I knew I was dreaming. Can remember the detail was amazing and I was in full control. So I guess I'm just writing this as maybe inspiration for those who have given up on LDs. I spoke about 3 sentences about LDs and I got my first real LD after about a year of nothing.

      Also for those of you who have come back to LD'ing after a while do you have any advice? I'm restarting a DJ first to get recall back I think. Any help would be appreciated

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      Welcome back

      Like anything else, I would just start getting back into your daily routines of RTs and finding your DSs, stuff like that.


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