I had the weirdest lucid dream last night. It's like I was lucid, but I was trying to get lucid. I don't really know if I was lucid or not. I was walking and I saw my friend (who just moved to Finland) sitting on a bench....which is impossible and I noted that in my dream. Then I said my usual spontaneous response to becoming lucid, which is- "holy shit...i'm dreaming!"

Then I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not. I was at her house at a party and many of my friends were there. I did the finger through hand RC, which passed, so I figured I was not dreaming, and this was all happening. Then I did tongue through teeth RC, which also passed. Then I was lighting up a cigarette that said "clementine" on the side. Which clearly makes no sense. I took a hit of it, and when I ashed it, i noticed that it then said "Illinois" on it. Then again it said "Ohio is india", at which point I confirmed again that I must be dreaming. So I bolted outside and tried to fly, but nothing. Which is odd, cause lately i've gotten sufficiently good at flying.

Couldn't do anything else either. While the dream was going on, it seemed pretty vivid, but now that I'm remembering it, it was actually very very hazy and laggy like a high-ping online video game with bad pixels. Anyway, I used a method of spawning people that I haven't tried. Normally I just have the next car I see being driven by them, or I walk into an office building and ask to meet with whoever.

This time I just walked against a wall and expected my friend to appear around a corner, and she did. We got down and dirty. But then somehow she turned into a bowl of nastly looking soup. I couldn't change her back, so I decided to wake up by flying into the sun.

I had very little control over this dream, and it was poor quality like a scratched dvd. I tried a bunch of techniques to increase clarity and control, but nothing worked, because I didn't want to use active control. Any suggestions?