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      Being able to feel yourself breathe while dreaming?

      Alright, so I had another nice lucid dream last night. Before I start, here it is copied and pasted from my journal:

      Dream 53
      Lucid? Yes
      Date: July 25, 2007

      In this dream, I find myself standing in a grassy field beside a large body of water. I figure I must be dreaming, so I do an RC and become lucid. I look around and stand in awe that my very own imagination could create such a wonderful place. The sky is clear and sunny, and the sun reflects brilliantly off the ripples and waves of the water beside me. The grass and trees in the background appear vivid and detailed, swaying lightly in the smooth, gentle breeze passing by; it's incredible. I have a flashlight in my paw for some reason. I start walking along the shoreline of the lake. I can feel, see and hear the grass under my shoes. Suddenly, I remember you can rub your hands together to increase lucidity. So, I put down the flashlight and rub my paws together. It's a very strange experience. I can feel their warmth, their friction, the exact sound they make for real. Everything appears clearer and more real. It's as if I'm suddenly able to understand more of what's going on around me. I keep rubbing for a short bit, pick up the flashlight, and keep walking. I walked for a few minutes, taking in everything around me, and doing another RC. The RC, like the first one I did, is slightly odd, because I can feel a delay between breathing in my dream, and breathing through my physical body. I'd take a breath in the dream, and be able to feel myself breathe for real half a second or so later. After another few minutes or so, the dream ends.

      End of Dream 53.
      First of all *blush* forgive the references to paws instead of hands.

      1) Ok, so obviously, the thing that has me confused is that I was actually able to feel myself breathe while inside the dream. It felt so very strange. I could feel it deep inside me, and I knew exactly what it was. It was almost perfectly synchronized with the breathing of my physical body. I could breathe faster in the dream, and feel my physical body do the same. Is this normal? Gods, it was such a unique feeling.


      2) Also, I've had 3 other lucid dreams last week, but they've been different, in a way. It felt liked I dreamed about having a lucid dream. I would do a reality check, and I would realize I was dreaming, but I wouldn't have control. I was still in third person, and everything felt scripted. Anyone else have anything like this? A dream about having a lucid dream?

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      1) Yes I have also noticed this occurence in which my "Dream Self's" breathing seemed to coorelate with my "Real Sels's" breathing. Which is why the nose plugging reality check alsways seems a bit odd to me in that I may not be able to breathe at first and then I am able to although it feels like I have a runny nose or something like that, but yes what you are experiencing I have also experienced.

      2) I have also experienced this as well dreaming about a lucid dream where you know you are lucid you have all of your lucid abilities, but you are not really in control you are following a script of some sort like you have said to which yes I have expereinced.


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