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      WILD and (illusory) bruxism?

      This is a question directed at people who are already experienced with WILDing. Here's the deal:

      I've been able to consistently WILD for a good while now but there would be a blank moment in my awarenes which I would eventually regain and just continue to transition into an LD. Kind of like a gap of awareness which would kind of "light speed" me straight to pre-LD. I would experience no tingling sensations, electrical jolts, loud noises, etc. before my LD.

      Since then, I've been practicing tibetan dream yoga which makes it possible to stay aware during the whole thing. Except, instead of the expected tingling sensations, electricity, loud noise, I experience very violent tooth grinding. It literally feels like my teeth are being ground to dust and are ready to rip out of my jaw. It feels so real, that I'm convinced it's happening in real life. But you never know... I've been able to gain a small amount of control over it, but it seems like my brain tries to override it with everything its got. Is there any way to check if this is just some sort of illusion that allows me to fall asleep, or if it's actually something real?

      btw to get out of sleep paralysis fast: try tilting your head clockwise or counterclockwise (like a confused puppy) always works for me!

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      I think it is a hypnagogic fabrication of your mind, and is not really happening. Sometimes it's hard to tell if something is real. When it is, it's probably not. If it is real, you can usually tell. As for sleep paralysis, it's all in your head. The very few times I have actually had full on sleep paralysis, I just took a deep breath and decided to move, and I did.

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      teeth grinding? hm i havent ever expierenced that before. Even if you think it is an illusion, its better to get it checked out. Try wearing a mouth guard and see if that stops it. If it is still happening, then it is probably an illusion
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