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      Relationship between Lucid dreaming and IQ?

      What is the relationship between lucid dreaming and IQ? Or indeed is there one?

      Are you more likely to lucid dream if you have a higher IQ, or the other way around? Or is it to do with the brain hemispheres and if you are a creative person or a logical person?

      It seems to me that lucid dreaming is a creative art, so I would think that if you are more creative (as opposed to logical) then it would make you more likely to lucid dream. Saying that though, you need some sort of logic in your dreams to realise you are dreaming right? So do you have to be logical as opposed to creative? Or maybe you have to be both?

      My brother lucid dreams without trying, he is of average (or slightly below) intellect, but the reason he lucid dreams could be to do with the substances he takes-lots of alcohol. I know he doesn't sleep well and when he finally does, he has strange dreams that are often lucid.

      One of my friends can lucid dream naturally and she is pretty clever.

      I tried to lucid dream for ages and have finally been able to do it this year, but I am definitely not a natural LDer . I consider myself to be of a slightly higher than average intellect. I am quite a creative person, I play music and draw, but I am not outstanding at it. I think I'm pretty balanced creatively and logically, a bit higher than average for both.

      So what do ya'll think, does IQ have anything to do with how easy you find it to lucid dream, or does it not matter at all?

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      I think higher iq means more lucid dreams and better lucid dreams. The more that your brain can handle, the more details that it can create. The problem is that your logical mind is not turned on during dreams.

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      Tons of illogical things happen in dreams. so I can see maybe a really logic orientated person catching them easier, but I havent heard anything about this being true.

      I personaly don't think it matters. all it takes is the split second thought of "am i dreaming?" to make you lucid. anyone can have that thought pop into their heads.
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      I don't think this is true, i think the higher awareness/consciousness you have about lucid dreaming, the more you will be able to reach that state of mind during sleep since you know it can and will happen at some time in your life. But people that have very high IQ's that have no awareness to lucid dreaming, then have a less chance of reaching that lucid dream because they don't know it exists, even though at chance it does seem to happen to everyone at least once.


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